About Deep Sky Coffee Co.

Our “Why”

At Deep Sky Coffee, our reason for existence is simple:
To provide you the highest quality coffee in the most ethical and sustainable manner.

We love coffee for the same reason you do: the diversity of flavors; the many ways to enjoy coffee both hot and cold; how coffee gets you in “the zone”; how it’s equally good savored alone, or shared with your favorite people.

About Deep Sky Coffee

What’s in the name? The founder, Joe Barry, is a life-long amateur astronomer, and since astronomy is the “science of everything”, observing the heavens imparts a deep perspective of the simple beauty and the entirety of the universe—and our place in it. Coffee is also a great way to stay alert when you’re observing until dawn.

With this perspective, we will always prioritize quality and doing the right thing first. As a veteran-owned business, we understand the importance of serving a cause larger than ourselves. That’s why for every coffee you buy, we will donate 5% to worthy causes such as alternative PTSD research and preservation of the night sky. Be sure to regularly visit our philanthropy page for updates on your donations in action.

About Deep Sky Coffee Co. 1