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At Deep Sky Coffee Company, we are huge fans of podcasts because they transform “down" time (or “dead” time) while working, driving, walking, jogging, or simply lounging, into active learning and entertainment time. Here are our 10 favorite astronomy podcasts (in no apparent order):

Star Talk Radio

Neil deGrasse Tyson is the master science communicator of our time, having directly inherited the mantle from Carl Sagan.  Star Talk Radio is his forum for astronomy and science outreach, as well as other trending topics in popular culture. Our favorite episode—even though it is not astronomy heavy per se—is Season 11 Episode 1 with Tim Ferriss.

NASA Podcasts

From NASA, this is a link of several interesting podcast series focused on space exploration and other topics in astronomy.  Our favorite episode is 'The Invisible Network' Podcast - Episode 12: Reconnaissance.

Astronomy Cast

Astronomy Cast is a joint effort between Fraser Cain of Universe Today and Pamela Gay of CosmoQuest. Having written about Betelgeuse, naturally our favorite episode is #560: Betelgeuse.  

Planetary Radio

From the Planetary Society, Planetary Radio is a weekly podcast where host Mat Kaplan interviews several prominent scientists, to include Bill Nye.  Our favorite episode is Building Our Future on Mars featuring civil engineer Peter Carrato.   

Ask A Spaceman

A podcast and Youtube video series from Paul Sutter.  Paul is a master of explaining complex topics, and making them approachable. Our favorite episode is #45 Wormholes - Deal or No Deal?

Naked Astronomy

Part of the Naked Scientists series, this podcast tackles a lot of fascinating topics. Our favorite episode is Where is Everybody? which discusses Fermi’s Paradox (if life is common in the universe, why haven’t we found anyone else yet?).

The Star Spot

The Star Spot is hosted every other Sunday by Justin Trottier and he interviews a diverse group of scientists. Our favorite episode is Episode 165: Landing on Europa, with Cynthia Phillips.

The 365 Days of Astronomy

As its name implies, this is a daily astronomy podcast. Hosted by CosmoQuest, they offer guest contributions to feature your content on their podcast. Our favorite episode is Episode 129: Interferometry.

Cheap Astronomy

Why cheap astronomy? This website focuses on astronomy you can do for $300 or less, including $0. Based out of Canberra, Australia, our favorite episode is Dear Cheap Astronomy Episode 64: Back to Basics.

The Jodcast

The Jodcast is a bimonthly podcast created by astronomers at Jodrell Bank Center for Astrophysics, University of Manchester in Manchester, England.  Our favorite episode is Who’s Afraid of Big, Bad Numbers? which discusses the mathematics behind astronomy.


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