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We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal; With liberty and justice for all: These are words to live by, and they are worth dying for. Despite all the complaining about how bad 2020 has been, we still have half of the year left to make it end on a good note.  Are you doing your part?

Deep Sky Coffee News:

NEW COFFEE ALERT:  Virgo Decaffeinated Brew.  The decaf that 3 out of 4 coffee snobs (unknowingly) chose in a cupping session!  All the flavor, with none of the jitters. 

Just in time for Father's Day, we have Gift Certificates from $10 - $100. 

We now offer sampler packs if you want to try our coffees before buying in bulk.

We are truly excited to work with Bootlegger's Brewing in Brandon, Florida on CommUNITY, a cafe con leche imperial stout featuring our Ethiopia Single Origin beans. 100% of proceeds will benefit the Greater Tampa Bay Black Child Development Institute. CommUNITY will be available in 3 weeks. 


This month we also did our second collaboration with Bullfrog Creek Brewing in Valrico, Florida with their Frog In The Percolator coffee porter using our Brazil Single Origin beans. 

Coffee Tips:  Grind Size

We've mentioned before about coffee grind size in terms of the importance of consistent grind (via a conical burr grinder) and matching it to your brewing method. To recap:

- Use course grind for longer brew methods (Cold Brew, French Press, percolators)
- Use medium grind for drip machines and conical pour overs.
- Use fine grind for the quick extraction of espresso machines or AeroPress.

There are some differences in opinion among coffee aficionados (for example, whether to use fine or medium grind for AeroPress). Here is a general rule: if your coffee is on the bitter side adjust the grind to a courser setting, and if your coffee is on the sour side use a finer setting. Fine-tuning your preferred grind setting can affect flavor as much as your coffee to water ratio, which is usually 1:15 - 1:18. 

What We Are Reading:

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How MDMA is Being Used to Treat PTSD  (June is National PTSD Month)

Thank you for your support, and for your purchases that fuel Deep Sky Coffee’s philanthropic actions. Together, we can make the universe a better place, one cup at a time. Please forward this email to any coffee lover in your life!

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