Day Drinking? So Are We! Deep Sky Coffee Blog May 2020

Can you believe we're halfway through the fifth month of the dumpster fire that is 2020? : ) Which leads us to the oft-asked: when is it too late in the day for coffee, or too early for cocktails? At Deep Sky Coffee, we don't recognize the validity of either question, especially when you have .... COFFEE COCKTAILS!

Check out our Top 7 Coffee Cocktail recipes--with a decidedly Tampa theme!

Deep Sky Coffee News:

In April, we re-released our Absolute Zero Cold Brew just in time for the weather to warm up--in Florida at least!

Be on the lookout soon for a new Decaf offering. Decaf? Yes, decaf. Trust us, our roaster knows what he's doing and it tastes awesome!


Earlier today, Deep Sky Coffee made a donation to Heroic Hearts Project, a veteran-led nonprofit that sponsors veterans suffering from PTSD to go on ayahuasca healing retreats, and it also participates in psychedelic research at universities. Please consider donating to this awesome organization. 

In April, we also donated to local cafes and baristas struggling financially in light of COVID19. 

What We Are Listening To:

Earlier this month, Tampa-based entrepreneur Vincent Lanci interviewed me on his "What it's Really Like to Be an Entrepreneur" podcast about my journey from the military to specialty coffee. You can listen to it at the following links:

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Thank you for your support, and for your purchases that fuel Deep Sky Coffee’s philanthropy. Together, we can make the universe a better place, one cup at a time. Please forward this email to any coffee lover in your life!


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