Coffee Collabs & Brewing Benefits

August 2020 Newsletter

Hello everyone, and welcome to those of you joining from James Jesso's Adventures Through the Mind podcastThe past month has been quite active with beer collaborations and philanthropy. 

We recently announced a partnership with Birthright Brewing Co. in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. They will carry our Absolute Zero Cold Brew and a rotating selection of our single origins for their Sunday brunch. 

We are working with several more breweries and other businesses to feature our coffee in house! 

On August 15th, Bootleggers Brewing released its Harmony in Motion cafe con leche-inspired Imperial Sweet Stout using our Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Single Origin. Proceeds benefitted the Black Child Development Institute of Greater Tampa Bay

Coffee Tips:  Coffee Processing Methods

What does it mean when your coffee bag lists "washed process" or "natural process"?  Glad you asked ...

This is admittedly technical, but coffee processing methods make a big difference in the taste of your coffee. The washed process allows you to taste the inside of the bean, and the nuance of the origin. The natural process leaves the exterior fruit on the bean which can lead to more complex flavors, but it also risks inconsistencies. For more information, see this article


In addition to Bootleggers Brewing's donation from the Harmony in Motion Stout, Deep Sky Coffee made its own donation to the Black Child Development Institute of Greater Tampa Bay.

Earlier this month, we made a donation to the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies for their capstone fundraising event to make MDMA a medicine. MDMA has shown promising results in early trials for PTSD treatments. 

What We Are Reading:

“Strong Coffee”: Definitions From Around The World

Improving Your French Press Coffee Brewing

Thank you for your support, and for your purchases that fuel Deep Sky Coffee’s philanthropic actions. Together, we can make the universe a better place, one cup at a time. Please share this with any coffee lovers in your life!

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