Know Your Espressos! Deep Sky Coffee Blog March 2020

Hello everyone!

What a difference a month makes. Recent events remind us life is precious, fragile, and that we are all connected to this rock called Earth hurtling through space at 67,000 mph in our orbit with the Sun. 

With all of the social distancing and staying at home, this is a great time to automate your caffeine fix with one of our coffee subscriptions. We have packages ranging from once a week to once a month, and offer FREE SHIPPING!

We announced on social media a few days ago that we will donate 100% of our profits to at-need employees of specialty coffee shops and breweries in the greater Tampa Bay area. We will do so indefinitely until this storm passes. 

Deep Sky Coffee News:

Be on the lookout for the re-release of our Absolute Zero Cold Brew blend! Also, for you fellow astronomy fans, look for our advertisements in Sky & Telescope Magazine starting next month. 

Coffee Tips:  Espresso Field Guide!

Confused by all the different types of espresso drinks? Check out this handy graphic from Orbit Visual Graphic Design:

Deep Sky Coffee Espresso Field Guide

This month Deep Sky Coffee donated to the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Warrior Foundation, which provides financial assistance and support to Active-Duty, Reserve and National Guard, Retired and Veteran EOD technicians and their families. If you've seen the movie Hurt Locker (which won six Oscars) you will know how meaningful this organization is. 

What We Are Reading and Listening To:
Podcast Host Joe Rogan is Steadily Documenting a Psychedelic Record of the 21st Century
Tim Ferriss Podcast: Interview of Jack Kornfield – How to Cultivate Calm in Chaos 
An Illustrated History of Coffee

Thank you for your support, and please stay safe—for your sake, and for everyone’s sake. 

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