October 2020: Announcing Total Eclipse Dark Roast!

You asked for it, and we delivered: Total Eclipse Dark Roast is the bold-flavored coffee that so many of you have asked for. This coffee is roasted at Full City Roast profile to provide a rich, strong flavor, while retaining the nuance of the Colombian bean. The result is a dark roast with deep notes of dark chocolate and cherries. It pairs well with all chocolates, spicy dishes, aged cheese, and desserts such as creme brûlée. 

Deep Sky Coffee News:

We have revamped our Coffee Subscriptions page to make it much easier for you to put your coffee on autopilot--straight to your door, so you never run out of Joe! You can order your favorite coffee on repeat, or select roaster's choice on rotation. Deep Sky Coffee subscriptions feature free shipping always, and free merchandise on your first delivery.  

Tampa Bay Area customers can now pick up our coffee in-person at Dolomites Consulting Group (co-located with My City Cowork) at 101 S. 12th St. Suite 102 in the Channelside area of Tampa.  

We are working with a brewery in the eastern side of Tampa to provide our coffee for purchase as well.
Coffee Tips: The Perfect Pull of Espresso 

If you have ever wondered why the quality of an espresso can differ so drastically from one location to another, the following graphic provides a visual of the variables involved in a perfect pull. And realize, this doesn't even factor in the quality of the machine, the coffee itself, and the water.  

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Thank you for your support, and for your purchases that fuel Deep Sky Coffee’s philanthropic actions. Together, we can make the universe a better place, one cup at a time. 


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