BullFrog Creek Brewery Collaboration 1

BullFrog Creek Brewery Collaboration

From Bullfrog Creek Brewery:

Our collaboration brew with Deep Sky Coffee is on tap today! The Beer is a White Stout, Light in color but full in flavor. Deep notes of roast come from the infusion of Deep Sky coffee boil additions of cocoa powder. Heavy coffee notes steal the show in this delicious treat. $1 of every beer sold will go to help vets with PTSD. Deep Sky Coffee is also donating 5% of their coffee sales.

(  Note:  they used my Brazil single origin coffee, which makes sense given its chocolatey and nutty notes.  )
The Untappd profile for this beer:

White stout info:
The consensus seems to be that White (or Pale, though some use that to describe a beer that’s more amber than pale) Stout is predominantly a blonde or golden ale of moderate-to-somewhat high alcohol strength that also exhibits traditional “stout” flavors such as coffee and chocolate. Many examples also seek to mimic and include secondary characteristics of stout, such as a creamy, thick mouthfeel and/or the presence of vanillin or other barrel-induced flavors that aren’t uncommon in strong stouts.

Last month, appropriately enough on Veterans Day, I spent time at the French American School of Tampa Bay showing the students the transit of planet Mercury in front of the Sun. Afterwards, I answered astronomy questions to the middle school students. The only thing more rewarding than looking through a telescope is share that passion with the next generation!

For future events, we are looking to pair the coffee-beer collaborations with PTSD-focused fundraisers. 

Thank you for your support, and for your purchases that fuel Deep Sky Coffee’s philanthropic actions. Together, we can make the universe a better place, one cup at a time.  Have a wonderful holiday season and here’s to an awesome 2020!

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