Our 'Why" - Deep Sky Coffee

At Deep Sky Coffee, our 'Why' is simple: to provide you the highest quality coffee possible in the most ethical and sustainable manner. In a world of rushed, "convenient", mediocre coffee we are a refuge of exceptional flavor--where we take the time to do things right, and appreciate the nuance coffee offers through its rich diversity.  

Equal in priority to quality is our commitment to service: to make the world a better place through our actions. That is why for every coffee you purchase, we donate a percentage to PTSD healing through psychedelic medicine research. We are a proud ambassador to the Heroic Hearts Project, a nonprofit that sponsors healing journeys for veterans suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injury. Your purchases also fund donations to other leading research organizations

What's in our name? Deep Sky is an astronomical term for objects outside of our solar system. Deep Sky Coffee's founder, Joe Barry, is a life-long amateur astronomer, and he enjoys sharing his passion of the universe with others. We regularly contribute your purchases of our coffee blends to the International Dark Sky Association to preserve dark skies and mitigate light pollution

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